Getting 13a Visa is not Difficult Enough to Get

Today we got a comment from Richanne:

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This is what Richanne had to say:

Hi,john,..Getting 13a visa is not difficult enough to get as long as you have no problem with your papers that you can somehow prove the validity of your marriage.
I and my US citizen just got married a couple of month ago,June 8,2011 to be exact,..Since he came here May 27,2011 his passport was stamped to stay until June 25 only,and to avoid trouble we made a 21-days extension of his visa after a day after our wedding which was dated June 9,but since we dont have an NSO Marriage certificate paper yet at that time we paid again an extension for his visa..right after a month before his visa expires we made again another extension of my husband’s visa which is at this point it was a 59-days extension plus we applied an ACR-I card for him,too and his passport has to have until September 25…He has now an ACR-I Card,and finally lasT August 9,as we finally gathered all our papers and our Authenticated MARRIAGE Certificate paper from NSO,we moved to BI and apply for his 13A…I was honored being informed that we can apply his 13a visa in PEZA bldg,BI..we arrived there Aug.9,2011 at around 11am and we’re advised to go to main OFFICE at INTRAMUROS to be able to do the processing quicker and faster..Since we have had the Notarized petition already,we just immediately go the BI,Intramuros,and was being assisted by a public attorney to assess our papers and to validate our documents to be submitted as well.After a short conversation and validation we were advised to go to WINDOW 3 to for the Application fee..right after several minutes waiting the cashier,we have paid our obligation and got the schedule for the hearing to come back on August 12,2011 at exactly 10:am for the hearing.
The hearing day comes,and we waited just a couple of minutes to get our hearing schedule at Window 13,WE were given a specific Attorney’s office..After 5minutes hearing we’re through!I and my husband was advised to check at website of
to check and wait till our names get posted from 3-4wks.
At this moment while typing this personal experience of ours about 13a application ,we’re still checking and waiting our name to get appear at the website..
Hope we will make it through this week or next week hopefully…One more thing,Patience is always needed to achieve and get something..the more you anticipate delays and hardships in obeying Philippine Law,the more you get denied.So,to KURT,i truly agree with John’s opinion that breaking the card or ACR-I Card is just like a childish acts…mmhhm,and he doesn’t even show some little respect to his wife’s Country…Will be posting more as soon as we have some latest informations regarding my husband’s 13a,which is hopefully by next week..Thank God,always..

Getting 13a Visa is not Difficult Enough to Get
This is John’s reply:

Richanne: Glad it all worked out in the end. Patience is the key…


  1. christine says

    upon submitting the papers is it ok that only my husband will submit all the documents and by the time there is a scheduled hearing thats the time i would appear, because we are living in mindanao just to save some penny on staying in hotel, i have also a 3yr old son with me pls advise

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