I have Been Married to a Filipina for 20+ years

Today we got a comment and question from Kevin:

This is what Kevin had to say:

I have a few questions that, hopefully, you can assist with. I have been married to a Filipina for 20+ years. She got her U.S. Citizenship just recently. When our kids, who are almost grown and on their own now, finally finish school, we plan to retire in the Philippines.

We plan to make several temp (under 21 days) visits prior to this to find a living location. Do you know what the requirements will be for me to get a 13g Visa ( I am assuming the 13g is what I will need)? Will the process be different since my wife ended up with US Citizenship now? Does she have to apply for dual citizenship prior to me applying for the 13g? From the looks of what was said here, it is much easier to complete the documents while we are in the Philippines, is that so? Should I begin working towards the 13 series visa here in the US, or should I wait until I get into the Philippines with her? I am assuming that a one way ticket on the trip to stay would raise some flags? Thanks for any help.

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I have Been Married to a Filipina for 20+ years

This is John’s reply:

Kevin: I believe the 13g requirements are similar to the 13a… Bob is probably more up to date on this question than I. I think she must re-acqwuire first, but I am not 100% certain.

Bob also replied:

Once she re-acquires Philippine Citizenship, you are no longer eligible for a 13g, you then become eligible for a 13a instead.

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